Japanese drama 2017
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I would like to share with my Japanese drama that Im currently watching :

starting with

Crisis (Japanese Drama)-p2.jpg

I really like the drama , interesting character and unusual type of police security drama.
it started slow in the beginning of ep 1 then it grabbed my attention by ep 3 .
I wish if we could see more action sense from both oguri shun and Nishijima hidetoshi
looking forward for ep5 صورة ذات صلة

second drama


I just really love the whole cast and the story line seem to be really interesting ,
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I cant wait to see how the drama will end
If you didnt start watching the drama , I highly recommand you to watch it

third drama
I didnt expect to like this drama , I was surprise how interesting the story goes and charter development
 Erika sawajiri and nakajima yuta is acting in this drama
Michieda Shunsukeنتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Michieda Shunsuke‬‏ he is so adorable
Tomodachi Game
based on manga it remind me of lair game , it really short and fun the watch

Im planning to watch
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Im  happy to talk or recieve recommandation regarding drama and movies
my account in mydramalist :http://mydramalist.info/user/1649/rikatokato

Note : I dont own any of pic or Gif in the post

hi ..every one u can call me rika a

lets get to the point ..ok .. lets see
im freindly & funny ..i like funny people too..
i like ice cream alot ..ha ha >>who doesn't !!
my fav animals ..cats , panda and tortoise ..
i like to make new Friends& talk alot about korean, japanese pop singers..
i love j/k drama and music ..<3
i dont know where should i start..
i will just put the pic
if we have something commen i will be happy to friends


fav before (I still love them and follow their work^^)

NOW fav(I just love them all)

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utada hikaru

yamashita shoon

Ikuta Tome


Koike teppi

oguri shun



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